Community Update: July 3rd, 2020

July 3, 2020

A huge thank you to all 7k+ of you that read our bi-weekly ecosystem updates. It means a lot to us that so many people from different geographies, different expertise and interests, are excited about participating in NEAR’s broad-ranging community. 

With our ecosystem continuing to grow beyond technical advancements, this newsletter has shifted to a broader focus. If you’re interested in receiving NEAR’s deep-technical updates, please join our recently launched developer newsletter for monthly engineering & protocol updates.


NEAR Drops — Send NEAR to anyone via a link

We want NEAR to be easy to use (as easy as Web2!) for both developers & end-users. Now, with NEAR Drops, you can send NEAR to anyone via a link, whether they have a NEAR account or not. Get the full details from the announcement

Mic Drop


Join us at the “Go For Launch!” conference call, hosted by Pantera. Illia and Colin Evran from Filecoin will explore the process of taking innovative technologies from ideation to launch.

When? Next Tuesday the 7th at 9 AM

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Content Highlights

  1. Episode #6 of “Building the Open Web” with Danny Zuckerman from 3Box is out; discussing how to Build User-Friendly Products in Web3.
    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube
  2. If you missed the “Scaling Web3” Panel between Illia, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) from Binance, Sergey Nazarov from Chainlink and Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures — you can now view the recording.
  3. Flux is introducing the Flux token.

Introducing the Open Web Collective

Founders “will learn and work with leading entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and investors such as IDEO, Deloitte, and The World Economic Forum to validate/invalidate business ideas and decisions, build a product, define and grow KPIs, develop product-market fit, and fundraise.” — Read the whole update here

If you would like to receive more founder updates, please sign-up for the OWC mailing list.

Engineering Update

We Published v1.0.0 of create-near-app. Spin-up your own app in seconds:

You can find quick updates until we launch our developer newsletter in the Rust in Blockchain Newsletter with updates on NEAR.

Middleware update: 

  • The security audit will start on the Rainbow Bridge. We will be adding final CLI command, tests, and documentation. @Bo and @Bowen are looking at an issue that we found with verifying ed25519 signatures from the current testnet;
  • RPC @frol is finishing Rosetta support, ATA beginning next week. Unfortunately, since Rosetta API does not support pagination it can only be used with locally running nodes. Bohdan finished explorer indexer;
  • Contract runtime @Nikolay.Igotti has added support for Wasmtime. @sirwillem and @Nikolay.Igotti are working on decreasing the contract size.
  • Transaction runtime. While @sirwillem was adding a fee for loading contracts into memory he exposed an issue which looks like P0, @Bowen will take a look. @Nikolay.Igotti ‘s params estimator will be added to the CI to avoid this kind of issues later;
  • Contracts. @Evgeny | NEAR made lockup contract to work with multisig, also added an e2e bash script test to check the interaction of all core contracts with the nodes;

If you have questions and would like to connect with our amazing engineering team, head over to Discord.

And lastly, here is a sneak peek of what is yet to come by Flux  

How You Can Get Involved

We have something for everyone

  • Join the NEAR Contributor Program to contribute to our engineering efforts.
  • You love hosting events, engaging communities, and creating content? Then head over to our Guild Program.
  • If you are in the process of setting up your own start-up in the Web3 space, the Open Web Collective will provide guidance.

If you’re just getting started, learn more in The Beginner’s Guide to NEAR Protocol or read the official White Paper. Stay up to date with what we’re building by following us on Twitter for updates, join the conversation on Discord, and subscribing to our newsletter to receive updates right to your inbox.

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