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June 26, 2024

In everyday life, fist bumps are used to create, celebrate, deepen connections between two humans. In Web3 the core concept is the same, only this time, the two humans are replaced by a user and DapDap, and a fist bump that connects you to a world of Ethereum L2s and dApps. 

DapDap is a universal gateway to Ethereum L2s, and multiple protocols across Web3. Built with the vision to make Web3 accessible for everyone, the platform consolidates the user journey of multiple dApps and protocols into a single interface, enhancing discoverability, simplifying onboarding and abstracting the need to interact individually with each one. 


Ethereum L2s were introduced to help the protocol scale. While that decompressed all the pressure of high transaction volumes, it created another problem, fragmentation. There are over 55 Ethereum L2s currently active, with another 40+ in the works. Both numbers are growing every day. $40b TVL on L2s strongly implies there are users, but how efficient and tenable is the users’ journey of having to log in to these protocols separately, or keep up with new mainnets rolling out?

Enter DapDap! Streamlining user experience by uniting the discoverability, accessibility and engagement of the L2 ecosystem on a single interface that dilutes the friction and multiple barriers to entries caused by fragmentation. 


Built as a decentralized frontend on NEAR, DapDap leverages the protocol’s Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S) and NEAR JS to deliver a user interface that allows users to quickly navigate, conveniently access, and fully engage with Ethereum L2s and a wide array of protocols.

NEAR provided the perfect chassis upon which DapDap could mount, thanks to:

– The B.O.S, which makes decentralized frontends possible on NEAR, and enabled the Dap Dap team to build an interface that abstracts the multiple UIs of the different protocols.

– The developer-friendliness of NEAR’s tech stack. 

– NEAR JS not only offers flexibility and composability, it simplifies developer experience with its familiar syntax and environment. 



Discoverability and simplified accessibility are great answers to the why of Dap Dap, but the “how” element is what makes this imaginary fist bump between users and a unified interface for Ethereum L2s, a winner. DapDap answered the how, with Odyssey, a gamified engagement experience that makes the user journey fun and rewarding. Odyssey is presented as an ever-evolving series of familiar challenges like spin-to-win or match-to-win, etc, compiled into volumes. Each volume, composed of missions, represents the discovery and onboarding of a new L2 or protocol. Users’ engagement with Odyssey is rewarded with DapDap points, which have multiple utilities, all yet to be disclosed by the team. 

So far, DapDap has completed five Odyssey volumes:

– Odyssey Volume 1: Uncharted Realms

– Odyssey Volume 2: Beyond Linea

– Odyssey Volume 3: Scroll Expedition

– Odyssey Volume 4: Blast Gold Rush

– Odyssey Volume 4+: Blast Gold Rush Reloaded


DapDap’s Super Bridge is an aggregation of all bridging services in the DapDap ecosystem into a single, unified interface. It allows users complete control and preference setting of their experience thanks to comprehensive and convenient filtering, and customization features. 

The Super Bridge daps users into access to over 45 Ethereum L2 bridges across 17 different networks, including Wormhole, Arbitrum Native, Stargate, Gnosis, Polygon PoS, Optimism gateway, Bungee, and more. 


Only a few months into its existence, DapDap has already captured over 300+ dApps, including 15+ Ethereum L2s, over $6m in Scroll transaction volume on the platform, and over 150k users, with each L2 recording 2-4k users on average. Names like Arbitrum, Blast, Scroll, Base, Mantle, Gnosis, and Linda, already have frontends on the platform. 

These numbers and rapid growth strongly indicate that users will quickly drift towards platforms that can significantly simplify and streamline their user experience and journey. 

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