NEAR Community Update: May 3, 2019

May 4, 2019

Just about every team we have, whether on the application layer or the blockchain layer, is working towards an upcoming release of their respective projects so there has been a lot of code written in the branches during what would otherwise appear to be a quiet couple of weeks.   On the community side, our online hackathon will continue into the next week and we have been typically gregarious about hosting events with other high quality projects in the space so we can share knowledge and build awareness.

We’ll be in NYC for blockchain week so look us up if you’re in town!


Our alpha “NEAR One” hackathon is in progress now and we’re working to support the dozen-or-so teams who are involved during the next couple of weeks before it wraps up.  Peter injected his usual flair during the kickoff:

Upcoming Events

  1. [ONLINE] April 27 — May 11: Hack One Online Hackathon
  2. [NYC]: Consensus Week (various events)
  3. [NYC] May 13: The Future of Defi: MakerDAO, Compound, Uniswap and
  4. [NYC] May 14: Blockchain Gaming in ’19: Neon District, OpenSea, Dapper Labs, Arcade Distillery
  5. [NYC] May 16: Crypto Community Managers Happy Hour

If you want to collaborate on events, reach out to [email protected]


  1. Recording of the multi-chain protocol panel with Polkadot, Cosmos, and Parity
  2. Rust Parallelism for non-C/C++ developers by Dr Max Zavershynskyi
  3. Whiteboard Series Episode 16 with Chi from Quarkchain
  4. Recording of a fireside chat between CEO Alex Skidanov and Zaki Manian from Cosmos


We continue to move the wallet towards its next UX milestone while shifting from research mode to implementation mode of sharding and economics on the blockchain layer. We’ve been test driving and benchmarking against other consensus algorithms as well.

There were 29 PRs in nearcore from 7 different authors over the last couple of weeks. As always, the code is completely open source on Github.

Application/Development Layer

Blockchain Layer


Join us! If you want to work with one of the most talented teams in the world right now to solve incredibly hard problems, check out our careers page for openings. And tell your friends ?

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