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NEAR Foundation
March 30, 2022

Hello, NEAR World. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the DAO. Join the community for NEAR’s March Town Hall on March 21, 5:00pm GMT (1:00PM EDT/10:00am PDT) for a deep dive into NEAR’s ecosystem of DAOs. 

NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament will open the Town Hall with some updates on the ecosystem and the Foundation’s progress in advancing Web3. 

There will also be a flurry of news and NEAR protocol updates, including ecosystem funding and education efforts, the MetaBUILD 2 winners, news on new events, and a panel focused entirely on DAOs. 

There will also be talk of Ukraine, especially how DAOs have stepped up and supported humanitarian relief efforts. 

MetaBUILD 2 Hackathon Winners

Since December, the NEAR community has been hosting the MetaBUILD 2 hackathon—the biggest one yet, with over 3,900 participants and 20+ partners. 

Pagoda’s Maria Yarotska will be at the March Town Hall to talk MetaBUILD 2, including how the war in Ukraine impacted the judging process. Maria will also update the community on the winning teams and projects, and will share information on upcoming hackathons. 

A Panel on DAOs

NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament will return to talk briefly about the DAO community on NEAR. There will also be a panel focused on DAOs, with surprise guests from several different Web3 platforms and DAOs.

Register for the March Town Hall

To join the conversation with the global NEAR community, register for the March Town Hall. 

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