Get Help

We all need a little help sometimes. As a decentralized community, we are spread out all over the web with most of the channels of communication organized through Discord servers, discussion boards, and Telegram groups.

Please note:

-> Be aware of scams!
-> NEAR Foundation staff will NEVER DM you first or ask you for money!
-> Please report suspicious activity.

DevRel Office Hours

Our DevRel team hosts daily office hours on our Discord Server in both hemispheres, so regardless of your location, support members are available to help you troubleshoot any issues you face.

NEAR Discord

NEAR is supported by a vibrant developer community that is very active on Discord. Joining the ecosystem is a click away.

NEAR Official Telegram Group

Countless groups in the ecosystem operate through Telegram. There are even bots available to formalize any group into a DAO. Be sure to join NEAR’s Official Telegram group, but be wary of scammers running fake groups or impersonating NEAR support staff.

NEAR Open Forum

The NEAR blockchain is community-run and operated. Governance is facilitated in the main forum where community members are encouraged to weigh in on any and all developments in the ecosystem.

NEAR Wallet Support

Need specific help with your NEAR Wallet? Review wallet FAQs or open a ticket.