Set up your NEAR account

3 simple steps to get started

1. Choose wallet 2. Create account 3. Fund account 1. Choose wallet 2. Create account 3. Fund account

Why do you need an account?

Your account is much more than a place to store crypto assets – it is your key to the NEAR ecosystem!


What can you do with your NEAR account?

What can you do with your NEAR account

1. Choose a wallet

There are currently four major types of wallets


Types of crypto wallets that you can use on NEAR

A word of caution: Do your own research

Before transferring larger value to a wallet, do some research to make sure it is trustworthy. You can also consider to combine it with a hardware wallet for an extra layer of security

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2. Create an account

Use your wallet to create your account. Store your seed phrase in a safe place, preferably offline

NEAR Wallet and seed phrase

3. Fund your account

For most applications and transactions, you will need a small amount of $NEAR tokens in your wallet to pay for transaction fees

NEAR Wallet
Step-by-step guide

Our wiki describes how to create an account using the NEAR wallet.

How to create NEAR Wallet. Step by step guide

Start collecting assets!

Once your wallet is set up and funded, you can start collecting a variety of assets available through the hundreds of dApps built on NEAR

Start collecting assets with NEAR Wallet

Start now by choosing a wallet