Let’s build the
brand together.

These guidelines will help us define and build a consistent brand presence and experience across the world.

Brand Core

The following is a series of statements that shape the foundation for the NEAR Brand. It should be the single point of origin for brand building as an Ecosystem.

Purpose We exist…

Remove every barrier to Web3 adoption

Mission We will create…

An Ecosystem that is uniquely simple, secure, scalable, and sustainable.

Vision We envision…

A world where creativity is no longer limited by technology


The foundation of the economy of the NEARverse.

  • Ecosystem-First
  • Openness/Transparency
  • Pragmatism over Perfection
  • Make it feel simple
  • Grow constantly

Brand Attributes Everything we do should feel…


We are inclusive, human, and fun. As our tech reaches the stars, we remain down-to-earth.
Think: Human, Inclusive, Friendly, Warm, Approachable, Community-Driven


We cover our bases. We’re building the foundation for a new world. We don’t skimp on the amenities.
Think: Well-documented, Well-supported, Functional, Scalable, Fast


We believe that dealing with people’s money and data is serious business. We prioritize security.
Think: Trustworthy, Technically Superior


Everything in Blockchain is complex. We’re here to make it feel easy. We simplify. We clarify.
Think: Clear, Simple, Usable, Easy


We seek to understand each other, feel the pain, and see things from new perspectives.
Think: Human, Understanding, Caring

Brand Archetype We embody…

The Explorer

Explorers are most fulfilled when they can seek out new approaches and perspectives. Naturally independent, authentic, and curious, they’re able to follow unique paths and motivate others to explore uncharted territory. They’re usually excited and challenged by the opportunity to blaze a new trail. Explorer organizations often are very successful at staying current with trends, encouraging individual initiative, and providing others with the opportunity to learn and grow.


Trailblazer/pioneer: Sees or scouts for new opportunities/possibilities

Adventurer: Emphasizes adventure and/or new experiences

Seeker/wanderer: Searches for a unique identity, path, or solution

Individualist: Maintains personal integrity and authenticity in all endeavors

Brand Voice

Confident, not arrogant

Enthusiastic, not shilly

Professional, not dry

Optimistic, not bullish


Correct usage of the NEAR logo is essential for consistent brand communication. Please check twice to ensure you’re using the correct logo


Use in all horizontal contexts.


For token, social or accent.


Use in all horizontal contexts.


For token, social or accent.

NEAR Token

Use for all token listings. Download

Built on NEAR

‘Built on NEAR’ is both a badge of honor and a powerful marketing tool. Projects that wish to show their support for the NEAR community and promote their app, while also encouraging others to build on NEAR, may use the following badge on their website, app, or promotional materials.

For the sake of consistency, please use the provided assets and avoid making your own version. Also, refrain from adding shadows, low contrast colors, low resolution, stretching, or other badge manipulations or edits.

In the downloads, you will find both a primary (black) and reversed (white) version for use on light or dark backgrounds. Filetypes include .png, .svg, and .pdf

The badge is prepared with proper whitespace (margins) so you can easily place it onto your website or materials without crowding it. These margins around the logomark help prevent clutter from surrounding images, artwork, copy, or the page edge.

‘No margin’ versions are also included if you prefer to use those.

If desired, the badge can be used more subtly by adjusting the opacity. Avoid going below 25% opacity for the sake of readability. 


The badge may be placed in prominent places such as the header of a website or in close proximity to your logo. OR, you may choose to place it in more subtle locations such as the website/application footer. Either is fine. 

When possible, please link the image to near.org

1. Use on your website or application

In the header

2. Use it with your logo

When combining it with your logo, please respect the proper margins of your logo and the badge. Please refer to the following examples for guidance:

Example (in use):


As an integral part of our brand, the following font family should be used. These typefaces are our unique handwriting and add emphasis to the personality of our identity.

FK Grotesk Family



  • Only Semibold, Medium, and Regular weights should be used.
  • Use lots of whitespace (let it breathe!)
  • Text should always be left-aligned

Primary Colors

The primary NEAR palette is simple and neutral. Blacks, whites, and warm grays. These colors represent the NEAR Infrastructure.


PMS: Black C

HEX: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 0/0/0/100


PMS: White

RGB: 255/255/255
CMYK: 0/0/0/0

Off White

PMS: Warm Gray 1

HEX: #f2f1e9
RGB: 242/241/233
CMYK: 0/3/6/14


PMS: 7479c

HEX: #00ec97
RGB: 0/236/151
CMYK: 82/0/40/18

Accent Colors

Accent colors should be used sparingly. These accent colors represent the beauty that is created on top of the Near Infrastructure.


PMS: 7416c

HEX: #ff7966
RGB: 255/121/102
CMYK: 0/54/63/10


PMS: 2715c

HEX: #9797ff
RGB: 151/151/255
CMYK: 52/47/0/0


PMS: 325c

HEX: #17d9d4
RGB: 23/217/212
CMYK: 54/0/20/0

The not-so-fine print

Please do amazing things like…

  • Use the NEAR Logo and link to near.org
  • Use the logo to advertise that your project is built on NEAR
  • Use the logo in a blog post or news article about NEAR.
  • Use the logo properly with plenty of breathing room (margin).

Please don’t do things like…

  • Use the official NEAR Logo or Icon as your application, business, or personal icon/avatar
  • Create a modified version of the NEAR Logo
  • Integrate the NEAR Logo or Icon into your logo

Naming projects and products

When naming, please avoid any names that pretend to be NEAR or the NEAR token. Also, avoid representing that you’ve been actively endorsed by NEAR or anyone involved in the project (That is unless you have been endorsed).