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Projects building on NEAR are at the center. The Ecosystem is supporting them with everything they need to succeed.

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Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

Projects and DAOs bring value to users, and change to the world.


Active projects



Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

Projects: Building the future on NEAR

Explore hundreds of dApps already built on NEAR

DAOs: A new way to organize, fund, and empower communities

DAOs offer a new way for communities to collaborate. Members own the organization and receive rewards in proportion to their contributions. There are no bosses and no hierarchy. Instead, a common purpose unites the participants. One way to think of a DAO is a Facebook group with its own bank account.

Explore DAOs, participate or get funding

NEARWEEK is a Web3 news & community platform. Community members earn rewards by submitting news items to the NEARWEEK DAO.

Human Guild

Human Guild awards grants to promising gaming projects building on NEAR and supports them in an advisory role along with other services.


TenK DAO offers professional services to help artists build generative art projects. The DAO is compensated with a percentage of sales and royalties.

How crypto became a major source of relief for embattled Ukraine

Created on AstroDAO, a DAO-launching platform built on NEAR, Unchain Fund raises funds for humanitarian efforts in in Ukraine, including evacuation, shelter, food, and more. In under a month, Unchain has collected over $7 million USD and counting across a range of cryptocurrencies including, BSC, ETH, Harmony, NEAR, and Polygon.

Looking for funding to start a project or DAO?

The NEAR ecosystem has plenty of options available to fund promising projects or initiatives that bring the ecosystem forward.

Thinking about starting a DAO?

Whether you want to organize your annual tailgate party so you can enjoy it more or manage the budget of your first film, you can set up a DAO that supports your needs. Platforms like SputnikDAO and AstroDAO are ways for organizations around the world to represent membership, facilitate governance, make decisions, and interact with other DAOs. Create your own DAO today!

A vibrant, welcoming community

NEAR’s vibrant community is a globally distributed home for developers, token holders, validators, and members supporting the protocol’s platform, ecosystem, and applications.







Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

Join the NEAR community

Join the NEAR Governance Forum

Here, NEAR Community members, developers, and the NEAR Foundation team come together to build something great and expand the NEAR ecosystem.

Explore the NEAR Community Blog

Read articles from all across the ecosystem, easily accessible through Medium.

Strong venture support

The ecosystem offers financial support, advice and networking to projects to help them become thriving businesses.




Projects funded

Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs


There are several options to get financial support for your idea

Ecosystem Grants

Accelerators & Incubators

Community-led DAOs

Regional hubs

Proximity Labs

Proximity works to support the NEAR and Aurora DeFi ecosytems through grants, advisory services, as well as publishing open-source software for developers.

Human Guild

The Human Guild is an open group of founders and creators who believe everyone should be able to earn what they need in order to do what they love.


Grow your Ethereum project on Aurora! Access funding, dedicated technical support, recruiting assistance, and more.

Marketing DAO

The MarketingDAO is a NEAR Community-run organization, which engage with the NEAR Community to facilitate the allocation of Community funds for marketing activities under $10,000.

Creative DAO

The Creatives DAO will focus on enabling and supporting artists, makers, and creative projects building on NEAR

Developer DAO

Developer DAO will cover everything development related, from a ZK working group to security audits, fixing bugs in the APIs to sourcing the next SDK to meet community needs.

Company builders

Join a company builder to get all the support you need from experienced startup founders and other experts.

Boost your project with OWC

Open Web Collective is a blockchain accelerator program supporting entrepreneurs building the decentralized web. By bringing together capital and seasoned advisors, OWC helps founders de-risk, accelerate, and advance Web 3.0.

Venture capital

Many VCs are investing in projects building on NEAR. Recent examples include:

Orderly Network raised $20M Series A

Key investors: Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Captial, MetaWeb

Sweat Economy raised $13M

Key investors: Spartan Capital, Electric Capital, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Goodwater Capital

Connect3 raised a strategic round

Key investors: MetaWeb

Request Finance raised $5.5M seed round

Key investors: Animoca Brands, Balderton Capital, XAnge

NEAR’s strong technical base

Everything a developer needs to build amazing dApps.

Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

NEAR’s core platform

The simple, yet powerful base to build on

Use familiar Programming Languages

Write your smart contracts in the most used or most loved language. No need to wrestle with Solidity or Vyper.

Be super-productive 
with our dev-tools

We have all you need – powerful CLI, easy-to-use SDKs, and more

Help yourself with excellent documentations

Docs that answer almost any question. Loads of tutorials and examples

Bridges and emulators

Highly interoperable for a multi-chain world

Ethereum & EVM

Easily migrate your Solidity contracts to the Aurora EVM. Use the Rainbow Bridge to transfer assets between Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora EVM.

AppChains on Substrate

Build app-specific chains with substrate on the Octopus network.

Infrastructure providers

Connecting NEAR to the outside world


NEAR and Aurora




NEAR and Aurora


NEAR and Aurora




NEAR and Aurora


Coming soon

Flux Protocol

Coming soon

Institutional custodians

Safely storing the NEAR-token and other assets


Coming soon


Local presence: Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs organize and foster a local community of builders, entrepreneurs, and users.

Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

NEAR hubs around the world

Kenya Regional Hub: Sankore 2.0

Started in May 2022, the African-focused hub organizes events, meetups and local educational activities.

NEAR Korea

The Korea Hub is dedicated to driving Web3 innovation through business development and education initiatives throughout South Korea

NEAR Balkans Hub

NEAR Balkans is the regional hub open for everyone interested in learning about, using or building on the NEAR protocol in the Balkan countries.

NEAR Vietnam

NEAR Vietnam Hub is the regional hub open for everyone interested in learning about, using or building on the NEAR protocol in Vietnam.

NEAR India

The NEAR India Hub provides resources and support for developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in India who want to use or build on NEAR in India.

Start your web3 сareer with NEAR

Regardless of your background or experience, there is ample opportunity to participate in this rapidly evolving space.


Active openings

Image | Hundreds of Projects and DAOs

Career and earning opportunities

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Get a grant for your project
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