Rebuild the web

NEAR is on a mission to empower everyone to take back control of their money, their data, and their identity. Join us.

Who is building NEAR?

NEAR Protocol is built by a global, world-class, cross-organizational group of contributors called the NEAR Collective. Its teams are creating the technical groundwork for the applications and companies of the future while solving some of the hardest problems that exist in decentralized and distributed systems.


Work alongside championship level competitive coders.

2 ICPC world

2 ICPC bronze medals

6 ICPC gold medals

2 Google Code
Jam finals

3 Top Coder Open finals

10 ICPC finals


Work with people who have built world-changing companies.


Join a network made up of the world’s top crypto funds.

Ecosystem Values

The NEAR Collective has unashamedly high standards. We’re looking for people at the top of their game who share our values of building a future that is open, inclusive and fair.


We’re building technology that has never been seen before. We learn each day and build on this new knowledge as we go.


Creating the infrastructure of the new web requires figuring out novel solutions to an endless array of challenging problems.

Positive Energy

The best ideas come when teams support and encourage each other. We look for positive thinkers to problem solve not put up blockers.


Teams and organizations live and die by their ability to keep everyone moving the same direction.


NEAR is at the forefront of world-changing technology, new and disruptive markets, and radical new ways of organising people and ideas. You’ll have everything you need to focus and thrive:

Flexible vacation and parental leave wherever possible.

Education and conference budgets for continuous learning.

Highly competitive compensation and upside.

Full coverage of health benefits wherever possible.

Top technical hardware and peripherals for epic productivity.

Openings across the NEAR Collective

If you’re excited by launching a new ecosystem while being pushed to operate at the top of your game by world class colleagues operating at the top of theirs, join one of the teams below! Tip: The best way to get noticed is to participate actively in the community and show what you can do first.





Don’t see a role that fits but still want to join?
The NEAR collective is always looking for smart people.