A Commitment to Communication

NEAR Foundation
November 8, 2022

The NEAR Foundation has always held transparency as one of its core beliefs. Being open to the community, investors, builders and creators is one of the core tenets of being a Web3 project. But it’s become apparent the Foundation needs to do more. 

The Foundation hears the frustration from the community, and it wants to be more pro-active in when and how it communicates. 

Below is a high level overview of its new communication strategy. More specific details will follow. 

Relaunching town halls 

Townhalls have been a tool the Foundation has used to communicate its strategy and highlight what the ecosystem has been up to in the past. These will be brought back in an updated format monthly that will focus more on showcasing what’s happening internally at the Foundation, and providing opportunities for projects to play a bigger role in decision making through a Q&A format. 

A commitment to regular AMAs 

The leadership team will be hosting fortnightly regular AMAs for the community to ask questions around strategy and future direction. The Foundation will also host specific AMAs around key parts of the Foundation to allow the community to ask questions to specific members of the team. 

These AMAs will initially be focused around: 

  1. Marketing & Events
  2. Community
  3. BD/Funding
  4. Education
  5. Legal

Always on signposting 

The Foundation has created lots of resources to help the community navigate resources and where to go for help. However, the Foundation is aware these could be sign-posted better. As such, it will shift to an always-on approach to better highlight where people can find the information they need, or speak to someone from the Foundation. 

This is just the beginning of this strategy and Foundation will publish more updates on this approach in the coming weeks.

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