A Reminder to Migrate from NEAR Wallet

NEAR Foundation
October 12, 2023

In July, NEAR Foundation published “Embracing Decentralization: What’s Next for the NEAR Wallet”, a detailed exploration of how Pagoda is migrating NEAR Wallet from being a browser wallet into a wallet hub. As we noted at the time, this wallet evolution illustrates the substantial growth of the NEAR ecosystem, which now offers a wide range of cross-chain wallets and native wallets. 

As part of this wallet evolution, the NEAR Wallet is set to be discontinued on January 1, 2024.

You can migrate to your wallet of choice using the automatic Wallet Transfer Wizard, integrated into the current NEAR Wallet, or manually by using your recovery phrase. Whichever path you choose, understand that your account and its assets are safe.

Do not worry if you have not transferred your accounts by January 1, 2024 — the Transfer Wizard will still be available after the wallet functionality sunsets. And again, rest assured that your assets will remain secure until you import them to a new wallet.

For more details on using  the Transfer Wizard, visit the Migrating from NEAR Wallet page. 

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