Cosmose AI Harnesses the Open Web and NEAR with KAIKAINOW 

September 13, 2023

Cosmose AI, the global platform that uses AI to predict and influence how people shop offline is launching a new piece of technology designed to disrupt the smartphone lock screen experience. 

Called KAIKAINOW, it brings together artificial intelligence and blockchain to help users stay informed and engaged with the world around them without the hassle of unlocking their phones. 

KAIKAINOW, an opt-in technology, sits on a user’s home screen. It offers a variety of curated content, including news, language learning, games, and trending stories which would be interspersed between users’ very own personal wallpaper pictures.

“We check our smartphone lock screens on average 80 times a day, always seeing the same  wallpaper backdrop. Imagine, instead of seeing the same image over and over again you see it every other time, while enjoying personalized content during remaining interactions,” says Miron Mironiuk, Founder and CEO of Cosmose AI. 

KAIKAINOW changes that by harnessing cutting edge AI technology, and pairing it with open web tools found on the NEAR blockchain to ensure the experience is tailored to the user while always adhering to the highest privacy standards.

“The launch of KAIKAINOW by COSMOSE AI shows how far we’ve come in respects to transforming Web3 from an innovative idea to a something that can deliver real world benefits to consumers, while also helping foster brand loyalty and business growth in the retail space,” says Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation. 

“We are thrilled to align ourselves with such a fantastic, rapidly growing tech firm such as Cosmose AI and look forward to seeing how it will truly transform the world of retail and get the world closer to Web3 mass adoption.”


Blockchain meets AI 

Publishers and brands provide the content and KAIKAINOW enhances the experience by allowing users to unlock rewards via KAI-CHING, a native token pegged to the US Dollar built on the NEAR Protocol. These tokens can then be used to access exclusive offers only available to KAIKAINOW users. 

Thanks to KAI-CHING, shoppers and retailers benefit from shorter payment processing time and significantly lower fees.

By building both consumer products and its token on NEAR protocol, Cosmose AI is accelerating its Web3 offerings with one of the world’s leading, open source blockchain platforms and further advancing the AI-driven retail ecosystem.

To date, Cosmose AI has served over 20 million stores and reached one billion phones globally. The integration of NEAR technologies means that Cosmose can ensure that users maintain complete control over their data and benefit from the ecosystem they help create. This approach ensures the highest level of privacy for users and aligns with the Company’s commitment to user safety.

Blockchain’s digital record, paired with NEAR’s open web tooling, means AI services can help improve trust in data integrity and, by extension, in the recommendations that AI provides. Using blockchain to store and distribute AI models provides an audit trail, and pairing blockchain and AI can enhance data security. 

NEAR is helping partners like Cosmose AI harness these tools to create better products that serve customers and partners equally. 

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