deadmau5 Launches NFT Partnership with Mintbase and NEAR

December 3, 2021

deadmau5, the DJ and Producer has teamed up with rockband Portugal. the Man, Mintbase, and NEAR to release a single as an NFT.

The song, titled “this is fine” is being sold as a collection of one million NFTs exclusively on the Mintbase NFT marketplace, which runs on the carbon neutral NEAR blockchain, with tokens now on sale.

By releasing the song as an NFT, deadmau5 and Portugal. the Man could be the first artists to reach platinum status — selling one million copies in the US — with an NFT single release.

The announcement took place in Miami during the Art Basel art fair, an annual event which draws thousands of tastemakers from the art-world, entertainment, fashion and tech.

Half of the NFTs (500,000) are being sold on Mintbase for 0.25 $NEAR per piece, which is $2.19 at the time of writing. The remaining half million will be sold as additional awards with groundbreaking benefits. The ‘Ultimate Bundle’ includes 50,000 NFTs, artwork, a limited edition NFT, a merchandise pack and a highly-prized spot on the guest-list for a forthcoming deadmau5 show.

The lucky fan who collects a pack of 1,000 NFTs will receive a unique, alternate color single cover art for ‘this is fine’, that was created via a generative algorithm.

“NFTs aren’t really that complicated. What we are doing here is giving our millions of fans and people interested in NFT’s an easy way to get on board for an extremely reasonable price. The song is cool too,” said deadmau5.

The single release kicked off with one deadmau5-wrapped bus and two NEAR-wrapped buses circling Miami for a month, inviting art week visitors and locals alike to buy the track using the QR code on its side. The buses will then go ‘on tour’ in New York and San Francisco in December and January to reach music fans and the tech curious on both coasts.

For most people, buying NFTs has been a complex experience, involving additional fees, delays and multiple wallets. With NEAR and Mintbase, users will be able to buy NFTs using fiat cash instantly, with super low fees, thanks to an integration with payment rail provider, Stripe.

The announcement forms part of a wider series NEAR has launched to help people get to grips with Web3 technology around the world.

NEAR is on a mission to make blockchain and crypto a simpler experience that anyone can take part in. From buying NFTs, creating a DAO or joining a Guild, at NEAR it’s a simple as clicking a mouse. Find out how.

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