Decentralized Storage for dApp Developers

December 8, 2021

While security, speed, and reliable data records are key elements in developing a decentralized app (dApp) in the Web3 ecosystem, the complexity of decentralization is a critical factor that can drive the cost and effort required in deployment.

Standard dApp development consists of a Web 2 tech stack for the front-end and state management handled by smart contracts deployed on the blockchain for the back-end. With this hybrid approach, it can be tricky to determine what to store on and off-chain. For example, keeping all of the files for a front-end’s UI on-chain is less efficient and cost-effective when compared to existing SQL or no-SQL solutions. However, there are times when larger data files will need to be stored in a permanent decentralized manner (such as NFTs that contain large images or songs), so the content is always accessible to its owner.

As a new developer in the crypto space, your first approach to storing various media files might be to use the same blockchain where the smart contract is being deployed. However, the storage cost for large amounts of binary data on the blockchain can be prohibitive and ultimately not practical.

To solve this problem, teams of developers have been working on creating decentralized storage solutions focused on storing large amounts of data at a competitive price. These solutions allow dApp developers to maintain a decentralized infrastructure that secures the availability of your data when needed. Arweave, IPFS, and Sia’s Skynet are three great examples of such projects, and we are excited to share ways you can integrate their platforms into your project.

The DevRel team has published a new article on Decentralized Storage Solutions, that gives you a brief introduction to each solution and an integration example so you can quickly try them out and find the optimal solution for your project.

At NEAR we are committed to helping create a healthy Web3 ecosystem where everyone can build projects that integrate different technologies, solutions, and networks that fit their needs. We want developers and users to choose which tool is the best for the job and ensure interoperability is maintained.

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