Encode x NEAR Horizon Bootcamp: Your Mission to Master Web3 Rust Contracts

NEAR Foundation
June 14, 2023

Web3 builders, developers, and founders are gearing up to join the Encode x NEAR Horizon Bootcamp starting July 10th, 2023 to upgrade their building, development, and coding skills. Following the recent partnership between NEAR Horizon and Encode Club, the bootcamp is part of a broader initiative to accelerate blockchain expertise with a focus on developing Rust smart contracts.

Encode Club is a community that helps builders grow their technical capabilities with tangible results, such as completing projects, promoting employability, and gaining funding. This mission aligns seamlessly with NEAR Horizon, a new branch of the NEAR Foundation fostering innovation and development among early stage Web3 Founders building in the NEAR ecosystem

If you’re a self-starting developer hungry to learn more about building on NEAR, then the NEAR x Encode Club Bootcamp might just be the perfect crash course to get started and progress rapidly. Apply here for the NEAR x Encode Bootcamp. Here’s the lowdown on what the bootcamp will entail and how NEAR builders can fast track their Web3 skillset and knowledge base to the next level.

Ranking up in Web3 with the NEAR x Encode Club Bootcamp

Firstly, selected participants can attend the bootcamp for free, reflecting Encode Club’s commitment to supporting Web3 builders. The 90-minute lessons will be conducted via Zoom (or similar), Monday through Thursday over the course of eight weeks, and feature an engaging mix of deep educational content focused on smart contract development as well as hands-on learning from Encode Club technical experts.

Mentors will guide participants through a variety of topics and related subjects, demystifying  the myriad of concepts and nuances inherent in blockchain development. The focus will be primarily on the NEAR ecosystem, with the goal of ensuring that everyone gains the practical skills and knowledge to excel, succeed, and create in the rapidly evolving Web3 world. 

Calling all coders: Bootcamp application and selection process

There are no official prerequisites to applying for the bootcamp. However, previous coding and Web3 or blockchain experience (particularly with RUST) will help you get the most from the sessions. The Bootcamp is also part-time, giving attendees flexibility with their full-time commitments.

After registration, the pool will be whittled down to a shortlist who will be asked to conduct a brief interview before being formally selected and invited to attend. At this time, selectees will be asked to provide a small deposit, repaid when the Bootcamp concludes. The cohort size will be roughly 50 people, with Encode Club assisting in job placement once finished.

The NEAR x Encode Club Bootcamp is a perfect example of the work NEAR Horizon is doing as a startup support platform for the entire ecosystem. Any builders, developers, or NEAR blockchain enthusiasts should apply directly through Encode Club right away, as cohort space is currently limited. To learn more about NEAR Horizon or to list your project on the Horizon platform, visit near.org/horizon.

Your mission – should you choose to accept and sign the transaction – is to master Web3 at the NEAR x Encode Club Bootcamp. Apply now and report for duty on July 10th!

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