NEAR and Nansen Partner on On-Chain Analytics for Founders and Investors

NEAR Foundation
April 18, 2023

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with Nansen, a blockchain analytics firm, on advanced tools for dApp developers and investors. Led by the NEAR Balkans Hub, the partnership with Nansen will give developers and investors new insights and data-driven solutions, like real-time data on transactions, addresses, and network activity.

“We are excited to join forces with Nansen to offer our developer community even more valuable insights,” says Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation. “This partnership enables us to enhance our ecosystem and bring advanced analytics tools and data-driven insights to the forefront of the Web3 movement, ultimately accelerating the widespread adoption of decentralized applications.”

Nansen gives users access to billions of on-chain data points

With Nansen’s analytics platform, developers, investors, and other users get a comprehensive view of blockchain activity. This includes transaction flows, wallet holdings, and on-chain activity. 

Nansen enables users to analyze billions of on-chain data points with over 250m+ wallet addresses across multiple blockchains, discover opportunities, perform due diligence, and defend their portfolios with real-time dashboards and alerts. The platform also provides users with a suite of tools for monitoring blockchain projects and tracking their performance.

Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen, said that the platform is excited to join NEAR Foundation in giving NEAR in expediting “the next chapter of Web3 and empower[ing] developers to craft even more robust dApps.” 

“We’re proud to have led this partnership — our commitment to enabling future Web3 creators is reflected in everything we do, and we are excited to unlock that potential through the power of decentralization,” adds Ida Pandur, CEO of NEAR Balkans. “At the heart of our mission is a desire to empower individuals to create and innovate in a brand new way, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to make this vision a reality.”

As NEAR evolves into the Blockchain Operating System, a common layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences, compatible with all blockchains, this collaboration will help drive innovation on NEAR and onboard many new developers, investors, and end users into Web3. 

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