NEAR at Collision: Expand into the Open Web with the Blockchain Operating System

NEAR Foundation
May 24, 2023

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce that NEAR is heading to the 2023 edition of Collision from June 26-29 in Toronto, Ontario. 

NEAR experts will be at Collision to demonstrate how brands and companies can expand into the open web using the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). The BOS is  an industry-first category: a common layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences with any blockchain — all in one browser. 

Here is what to expect from NEAR at Collision 2023. 

The BOS and NEAR Horizon at Collision 

If you saw NEAR’s big announcement out of ETHDenver and Collision, NEAR isn’t just a Layer 1 blockchain. It’s a Blockchain Operating System that makes it easy to use the tools you already know to build apps that engage users, while fostering an open web free from centralized platforms.

Also appearing at Collision will be NEAR Horizon — NEAR Foundation’s new Web3 startup support platform. Meet with the Horizon team and get started on the Web3 funding and building journey.  

NEAR speakers at Collision

At Collision, catch a number of exciting NEAR speakers and sessions. 

Illia Polosukhin – Co-founder, NEAR Protocol; CEO, Pagoda

Elad Gil – Investor

Kendall Cole – Founder, Proximity

Laura Cunningham – General Manager, NEAR Horizon

Joyce Yang – Founder, Global Coin Research

Steven Chien –  Founder, Press Start Capital

Paul Hsu – CEO & Founder, Decasonic

Stay updated on the complete slate of confirmed speakers at

NEAR Horizon pitch and networking event

NEAR Horizon will be hosting another Pitch and networking event with VC partners the evening of June 27th. Applications to pitch are being accepted now through June 7th. 

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