NEAR at ETHCC: Horizon Pitch Contest, BOS Workshops, and More

July 16, 2023

As Day One at NEAR @ ETHCC concludes, there’s palpable growing excitement for what’s in store for tomorrow. Held at the beautiful Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, the first day of workshops and sessions proved to be an exceptional success for Ethereum and BOS builders. 

Day Two is gearing up to take the experience to a whole new level, with a primary focus on founders and their ventures.

Morning and Early Afternoon Sessions: Fostering Innovation

Day Two will kick off with a casual networking opportunity over café au laits and pastries. It’ll be a great way to get warmed up and connect builders, innovators, and visionaries within the NEAR ecosystem.

The first main event of the day will be a special workshop held  by Matt Stephenson , Head of Cryptoeconomics at Pantera Capita, along with Pantera Principal, Ryan Barney. His insights on the opportunities and challenges within blockchain economics will deepen participants’ understanding of the critical economic principles underpinning blockchain ecosystems.

As the morning sessions conclude, the afternoon will kick off by delving into the world of interoperability, onboarding, and value generation with Vik Pandey from NEAR Foundation. Vik has been actively involved in the development of the BOS, focusing on interoperability, open-source technologies, and blockchain success efforts. 

During his session, “Interoperability, Onboarding, and Value Generation with the BOS,” Vik will share insights from his work, highlighting the ways in which the BOS fosters innovation and impact in the Open Web.

Late Afternoon Highlights: Regulatory Discussions and Horizon Workshop

Next on the agenda is a panel of experts moderated by Mya Shofany, regulatory lead at NEAR Foundation. The discussion will delve into regulatory considerations in blockchain, and tackle some of the most critical issues facing Web3  founders in the current regulatory landscape.

The panel will be followed by one of the day’s most anticipated events — the Horizon afternoon. This session will be a deep dive into the cutting-edge ideas poised to redefine the blockchain world, spearheaded by NEAR’s new Web3 accelerator arm.

As Day Two winds down, participants can enjoy relaxed networking during the Horizon Happy Hour. Here, NEAR and Ethereum enthusiasts can reflect on the day’s learnings, forge new connections, and unwind over drinks and appetizers.

If you would like to browse the official schedule, head to 

Throughout the two days of NEAR @ ETHCC, participants are not just learning about the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), they’re experiencing it firsthand. Day Two promises a packed schedule of learning, building, and networking opportunities.

For those who couldn’t join us on Day One, you can catch up on the sessions uploaded on the NEAR Protocol YouTube channel. Prepare for Day Two by soaking up the insights shared by our experts.

Stay connected with us for more updates and insights from NEAR @ ETHCC as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

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