NEAR at ETHDenver: Get Chain-Abstracted with the Black Dragon

February 22, 2024

Ditch the ETHDenver small talk and brace yourself abstractooors! The NEAR Ecosystem is crashing the scene, armed with next-level chain abstraction, mind-bending AI, and enough developer swag to make your node blush.

But First, the Tea:

Heard whispers of a Chain Abstraction Tea Party hosted by the elusive Black Dragon? It’s not just rumors. Mingle with the brightest minds in the NEARverse at our booth (number 314, remember it!).

To celebrate the psychedelic “Alice in Wonderland” theme of ETHDenver, we’ve conjured up a magical animation that serves as your gateway to Chain Abstraction. Scan the code, embrace the future, and claim your own NFT powered by ShardDog.

Dive down rabbit holes of chain abstraction, data that never forgets, and transactions faster than a Denver blizzard. The Black Dragon’s got your back, guiding you through the mind-bending potential of Web3.

Follow the trail and join us for an exclusive event (space is limited, RSVP ASAP) where the real secrets of Web3’s future get spilled. 

Ditch the FOMO, See What’s NEAR:

From on-chain rewards, airdrops, and more, powered by NEAR Ecosystem projects to hackathon bounties. The NEAR team is ready to onboard you and answer your burning questions.

Hacking not your jam? Don’t worry, there’s more!

Mark your calendars for February 26th, because the Decentralized AGI Summit is where AI and Web3 collide, igniting thought-provoking discussions on decentralized systems. This isn’t just another tech event; it’s an interactive experience where you’ll witness the explosive synergy between these two cutting-edge fields. Be part of building the future!

Then on February 28th, we’re bringing you hot fire —get it? because we’re dragons, hah— by partnering with Agoric and Frontier Research for Chain Abstraction Day, an exclusive apply-to-attend event featuring the most hardcore builders and researchers in the space. Prepare to witness the future of interoperability, where users hop seamlessly between chains without a second thought (or a gas fee headache). 

Space is limited, and only the most curious minds need apply. So if you’re a developer dreaming of cross-chain dApps, a creator with an NFT vision spanning universes, or an entrepreneur ready to conquer the multiverse, submit your request to attend ASAP. Don’t miss your chance to rub shoulders with the brightest minds in the biz and unlock the true power of blockchain, unchained.

For a comprehensive overview of NEAR’s presence at ETHDenver, including speaker sessions and networking opportunities, visit our dedicated NEAR at ETHDenver landing page.

See you on the other side, chain abstractooors!

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