NEAR Foundation and Blumer: Pioneering Web3 Social Networking in Latin America

NEAR Foundation
July 26, 2023

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Blumer, Colombia’s first Web3 social network. This collaboration signifies a new era in social media where active users are incentivized for their contributions, marking a transformative shift in the user-social platform dynamic.

By harnessing the strengths of blockchain technology and integrating them with the vibrant world of social networking, this partnership aims to challenge the status quo, prioritizing user privacy, compensation, and education. It’s a pioneering effort that not only champions user-centric design, but also sets the stage for a more inclusive digital future in Latin America.

Blumer: Revolutionizing Social Media through Blockchain Technology

Blumer, the first Web3 social network created and developed in Colombia, is an innovative platform that combines the functionality of traditional social networks with the advantages of blockchain technology. What makes Blumer so unique is that users are compensated for time spent on social media, distributing 18% of its advertising revenue back to its community.

“At Blumer, we believe in creating a social network for everyone,” says Ernesto Ruiz, Blumer’s CEO. “Our platform is designed to be a space where users can express themselves, connect with friends, and learn about the crypto world. We’re committed to creating a platform that is fun, engaging, and rewarding for everyone involved.” 

As Ruiz alludes to, Blumer users can monetize their time spent on social media through a variety of activities like consuming advertisements, selling NFTs, and performing crypto transactions. This not only promotes user engagement but emphasizes a novel approach to commercial growth, derived largely from businesses undertaking digital marketing.

Blumer isn’t just social media landscape but reshaping the whole digital economy narrative. Its unique approach of monetizing user engagement and activity on social media paves the way for a paradigm shift in user interaction and value creation. Let’s now delve into how this innovative platform aims to advance the adoption of Web3 in Latin America, one educated user at a time.

“This partnership is a significant step towards creating a fair and transparent social media ecosystem,” adds Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation. “By combining the benefits of blockchain technology with social media, we are set to revolutionize how we interact on social platforms.“

Educating users and advancing Latin American Web3 adoption

Blumer also tackles the significant challenges facing cryptocurrency adoption in Latin America — namely, the lack of knowledge, understanding, and real market usability. Through ZVerso, its free crypto education platform, Blumer is empowering users with the knowledge to confidently engage within the Web3 ecosystem. 

By providing users with essential blockchain education and tools, Blumer is making strides toward democratizing access to Web3 technologies. This proactive educational initiative aligns with a broader vision for a more decentralized, inclusive, and user-centric digital future in Latin America.

With an online population of over 54 million people, Latin America and the Caribbean form the fifth-largest global market for social media. South America alone boasts over 30 million users. The NEAR and Blumer partnership provides a unique opportunity to tap into this thriving hub and bolster the adoption of Web3 solutions.

“With NEAR’s support, we are confident that we can achieve our vision and create a social network fit to thrive in tomorrow’s landscape,” Ruiz adds.

The collaboration between NEAR and Blumer signifies a pivotal stride towards fostering a fair, transparent, and user-centric social media ecosystem. As Blumer forges ahead with innovative advancements in decentralized social networking, the NEAR Foundation and ecosystem give one big “Like” to Blumer’s mission of a user-empowered social network.

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