NEAR Foundation and PipeFlare Team Up to Reshape Web3 Gaming

NEAR Foundation
May 2, 2023

NEAR Foundation and PipeFlare, a trailblazing play-to-earn (P2E) platform, are partnering to reshape Web3 gaming by building on Aurora, NEAR’s Ethereum-compatible layer. As Web3 gaming on NEAR accelerates, PipeFlare will enable gamers to play, earn crypto, and engage socially in a decentralized environment. Collaborating with NEAR Foundation, PipeFlare aims to redefine scalability, security, and sheer enjoyment in Web3 by leveraging the EVM-compatible development capabilities of Aurora.

PipeFlare is one of the industry’s most reliable Web3-enabled gaming platforms, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay, tasks, and activities. The partnership will help create more intricate, engaging Web3 games in a secure fashion. The collaboration will most certainly attract more users to Web3 gaming, while making NEAR a top choice for game developers.

Let’s delve into the PipeFlare and NEAR Foundation partnership, the advantages of the NEAR Blockchain Operating System and tech stack for Web3 gaming, and how the collaboration positively impacts the future of the NEAR decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Transforming play: PipeFlare’s NEAR-driven gaming evolution

Pipeflare is one of the most reputable P2E gaming sites in the industry, backed by some of the largest investors in the blockchain space like DCG and Horizen Labs. All PipeFlare transactions are published publicly as well, giving gamers more transparency and peace of mind in Web3 gaming, earning, transacting, and collecting.

Gamers can enjoy playing games, collecting free cryptocurrency from PipeFlare faucets, participating in airdrops, competing in weekly leaderboards, and earning rewards through the referral program. Additionally, players can buy and sell limited-mint NFTs on PipeFlare’s NFT marketplace. 

PipeFlare’s exclusive Pyro NFT also brings perks like staking bonuses and a secret fourth crypto faucet to users. A dedicated support team demystifies blockchain and NFTs, while NEAR’s scalability enhances transactions without sacrificing speed or efficiency. This paves the way for PipeFlare’s explosive growth in the dynamic Web3 gaming market.

As security becomes more paramount in safeguarding digital assets and identities in Web3 gaming, PipeFlare is now embracing the speed and security of NEAR infrastructure. This ensures the protection of user data and assets and provides a cutting-edge, trustworthy, and reliable Web3 gaming experience for users to explore and enjoy.

Making Web3 Gaming more scalable, secure, and dev-friendly

NEAR’s intuitive, developer-focused platform offers substantial advantages for PipeFlare, simplifying game development and empowering creators to craft groundbreaking Web3 gaming experiences for veteran gamers and newcomers alike. But the PipeFlare and NEAR Foundation collaboration will transcend mere technology integration. Harnessing the BOS, PipeFlare can introduce even deeper functionality to players in areas like NFTs, in-game token rewards, and community engagement. As one of the only platforms where NFTs can be ported into multiple games, PipeFlare is breaking new ground in the industry.

NEAR Foundation is excited about this new portable NFT model in Web3 gaming, and will focus on the following three areas to help accelerate PipeFlare:

  • Scalability. One of the biggest challenges facing Web3 gaming is scalability. Traditional blockchains are not designed to handle the high volume of transactions required for gaming. NEAR is a high-performance blockchain that can handle a large number of transactions per second, making it ideal for Web3 gaming.
  • Security. Another important factor for Web3 gaming is security. Players need to be confident that their data and assets are safe when playing games on the blockchain. The BOS uses a variety of security measures to protect gamer data and ensure the protection and provenance of all digital assets.
  • User-Friendliness. Web3 gaming needs to be user-friendly to succeed and grow in the long term. Users need to be able to easily create and manage their accounts, buy and sell NFTs, and play games. With the BOS being one of the most developer-friendly ecosystems to build on, PipeFlare is set to make big strides in Web3 gamer onboarding.

To get the ball rolling, the partnership will initially focus on upgrading Pipeflare’s existing games and developing new ones using the BOS. This transition will enhance the gaming experience for users and showcase the capabilities of NEAR’s technology in the Web3 gaming space.

The collaboration also marks substantial progress for the Web3 gaming industry, demonstrating that key players recognize NEAR’s potential. It also signals NEAR’s strong positioning to emerge as the premier blockchain for novel gaming experiences.

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