NEAR Foundation and Seracle Team to Nurture the Web3 Ecosystem with DevOps Efficiency

NEAR Foundation
June 7, 2023

NEAR Foundation and Seracle, a top blockchain cloud platform, have established a partnership to revolutionize the world of Web3 development. This alliance, forged in the name of innovation and cost-efficiency, capitalizes on Seracle’s unique Litenode architecture.

This groundbreaking technology aims to drive down costs, with the potential for reducing a project’s monthly expenditures on node maintenance and DevOps by up to 90%.

Introducing the Litenode and the Web3 Incubation Center

The Litenode architecture is one of the linchpins in this strategic collaboration. Its design facilitates dramatic cost savings, all while ensuring quality isn’t compromised. But it doesn’t stop there. 

The integration of a Web3 incubation center, nestled in the bustling tech hub of Pune, India, gives developers access to a fertile innovation environment. This collaborative center presents developers with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to the development, learning, and scaling of Web3 projects.

“Seracle’s enthusiasm, technical capabilities, and experience in the Web3 space make them an ideal partner to grow NEAR,” said Arpit Sharma, Managing Director of APAC, MENA of NEAR Foundation, expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration’s potential. 

This partnership, with its focus on communal growth and knowledge sharing, is poised to cultivate an enriched community of developers ready to take on the challenges of the Web3 landscape.

How NEAR and Seracle are financing the next wave of Web3 

To bring these ambitions to fruition, financial support is vital. Seracle has committed to providing substantial backing, offering platform credits from a pool of $100,000. These credits serve to alleviate the financial burdens of upfront costs, letting developers channel their focus into the creative process. 

NEAR Foundation, in step with this initiative, pledges to offer grants to select innovative projects based at Seracle’s incubation center. Looking ahead, the partnership has set its sights high. The ambitious goal to onboard around 100 Web3 projects and engage with 5,000 developers this year underscores the commitment to growth and innovation. 

Shrikant Bhalerao, CEO of Seracle, shares this vision and expresses his optimism about the partnership, stating that “NEAR boasts some of the most innovative solutions in the Web3 space. We anticipate that our partnership with NEAR will contribute to a significant 30% growth in our revenue.”

With such dedication to growth and innovation, the collaboration between NEAR Foundation and Seracle is shaping up to be an inspiring chapter in the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem. Leveraging cost-efficient technology, fostering a vibrant community, and providing robust financial support, this partnership stands as a beacon for the future of Web3 development.

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