NEAR Opens the Door to More Wallets

July 29, 2022

Part of the NEAR’s mission has been to foster an ecosystem that can build and maintain the core components of a rich and vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

One of those key functions is a wallet provider. So far, to help onboard users quickly and easily to the NEAR ecosystem, the Foundation built and maintained a wallet on

As NEAR continues to decentralize, it’s transitioning to be a landing page for all compatible wallets operating in the ecosystem. 

The move is designed to give users more choice as they move around the Web3 space. NEAR has always believed in a multichain world, and with wallets, it takes a similar approach. 

Allowing a user from a different ecosystem to interact with the NEAR blockchain using a wallet they already know and love, is an essential part of making Web3 as easy to use as Web2. 

What happens to

As part of the transition, wallet holders on will be encouraged to migrate their wallet to a new provider. The Foundation will be publishing a range of tutorials and guides for how to do that over the coming weeks.

Developers on NEAR should start the process of implementing Wallet Selector. This new modal provides a list of supported wallets, and allows dapp users to select their preferred choice of wallet.  

For developers who are currently hardcoding wallet URLs, consider implementing Wallet Selector, a link to the Github repository for implementation can be found here

For wallet creators, this migration presents an opportunity to onboard new users. Wallet creators will have to implement a functionality  to import an account using a private key.

Additionally, the core developer team are hosting twice a day Dev office hours if you run into any issues with Wallet-Selector integration. A link can be found here

As NEAR aims to have a thriving ecosystem with multiple wallets, providing a single point of integration for developers building on NEAR is vital. NEAR’s Wallet Selector fosters a rich ecosystem of wallets to thrive on NEAR Protocol and creates a simple integration experience to enable multiple wallets for DApp developers. 

What other Wallet Options are Available for NEAR? 

If you’re interested in exploring what other wallets are available in the ecosystem, there are plenty of options. In fact, there are more than 30 wallet providers compatible with NEAR. 

Check out AwesomeNEAR for a list of wallets compatible with the NEAR ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the transition.

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