NEARCON Returns: Here’s Everything You Need to Know So Far

NEAR Foundation
June 15, 2023

Last year’s NEARCON was epic. NEARCON 2023 will be iconic. 

While all of you have been diligently building NEAR into one of the best ecosystems in the blockchain world, NEAR Foundation has been planning a 4-day journey into an open web. 

Let’s take a quick look at everything we have to share (so far). 

What to expect at NEARCON 2023

For this year’s NEARCON, we’re expanding. There will be two venues — NEARCON HQ and Hack HQ. 

Most of the action will happen at NEARCON HQ. But if you’re a hacker, or just like hanging with them, you can do that at Hack HQ.

At NEARCON, you can expect to:

  • Join 5,000+ delegates as we explore the power and possibilities of an open web
  • Encounter a diverse melting pot of creators, builders, policy makers, and more — you’ll even find the rare thought leader in their natural environment
  • Get inspired by talks from renowned authors, economists, artists, politicians, VCS, developers, entrepreneurs, and more
  • Explore the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), try it for yourself, and find out why it’s the driving force behind an open web 
  • Connect with projects, speakers, community members, builders, and multi-chain enthusiasts from around the world
  • Hack the days and nights away for a chance to build on the BOS and win $180+k   
  • And experience so much more that you’ll be looking around and asking yourself, “What bear market?” 

Get your early bird tickets now!

NEARCON 2023 tickets are $20 off until July 1. So, don’t wait — snag your ticket for $79 now because after July 1st they are $99. 

NEAR Foundation is also offering another deal. If you refer 4 friends to NEARCON 2023, you will get a special gift upon check-in at the conference. 

Become a Speaker or Sponsor

Thinking about becoming a NEARCON speaker? We’d love to hear from you. 

Speaking spots always go fast, so make haste. Apply to speak at NEARCON here

Psstt… we’re looking for technical applications that don’t just shill but highlight problems being solved — on the BOS and the wider open web. 

Apply for the Hackathon and get in for free

NEAR and NEARCON loves its hackers. And to show it, we’ve made it so that any builder or developer who applies for the hackathon gets in for free. 

Find more information about the NEARCON 2023 hackathon here.

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