Rownd and NEAR Foundation are Cracking the Code of Web3 Onboarding

NEAR Foundation
May 16, 2023

One of the main reasons that the NEAR ecosystem exists is to onboard the next billion users to Web3 — and that mission has just made significant strides by partnering with Rownd. An industry leader in digital onboarding and identity, Rownd’s passwordless authentication tech will utilize NEAR for more seamless interaction and onboarding for both Web3 and Web2.

Brands and businesses use Rownd to take users from landing pages to downloading apps while ensuring a streamlined registration process across platforms, websites, and mobile apps. 

Now, companies that use Rownd can integrate NEAR apps into their mobile and desktop experiences, while still maintaining privacy and security via passwordless authentication.

Addressing the persistent digital onboarding problem

Engaging and retaining users is still a major challenge. A clear symptom of this problem is that only 2% of site visitors complete sign-up processes of all sorts. A whopping 60% leave during the sign-up stage itself. This high attrition rate can have a severe impact on customer acquisition and revenue generation efforts.

Rownd directly confronts this problem, bringing to the table its innovative onboarding and authentication solutions. These are far from one-size-fits-all solutions. Rownd dynamically allows platforms to tailor the authentication and profile creation process to meet the specific needs and preferences of their users.

This customization reduces friction and drop-off rates, improving user experience and making the process more appealing. When onboarding is user-centric and straightforward, it leads to higher conversion rates, ultimately benefiting both the user and the platform. Rownd doesn’t just address not a functional need but also builds trust and credibility amongst users.

Rownd’s digital onboarding solution on NEAR

Rownd’s solution is both elegant and robust. It employs compact code snippets and software development kits (SDKs) to create a network of interconnected digital platforms — from websites and blogs to landing pages and apps. This strategic platform unification consolidates user data into a single, comprehensive profile, which translates into a smooth cross-platform experience.

Rownd goes a step further with adaptive sign-up. Rownd’s SDKs do not require hard coding design and authentication methods for apps and websites.  Rather, they are set in the platform. This allows developers and non-developers alike to dynamically change sign-in methods, branding, and where authentication occurs without editing code.

Rownd also has a Web3 integration strategy, making it easier for users to navigate the often complex and intimidating world of crypto and Web3. They offer user-friendly custodial wallets for those new to the crypto space, while simultaneously allowing crypto-savvy users to link their existing wallets with minimal hassle. 

This balanced approach ensures that Rownd’s onboarding solution is inclusive, comprehensive, and future-ready.

NEAR Foundation and Rownd: the future of Web3 onboarding

NEAR Foundation’s partnership with Rownd greatly expands the potential of the company

‘s advanced authentication and onboarding solutions. Rownd’s NEAR integration allows app developers to add a NEAR account/wallet to a new user in seconds.  This collaboration paves the way for faster adoption of Web3 technology in a secure, scalable, and decentralized environment. Brands and businesses will benefit from increased conversions and engagement of Web3 veterans and novices alike.

Together, Rownd and the NEAR Foundation demonstrate the transformative potential of integrating state-of-the-art onboarding and passwordless authentication with the revolutionary Web3. By crafting a user-centric onboarding experience, they are making significant strides toward broadening the use of Web3 applications, marking a new era for digital experiences.

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