Stake Wars First Week Retro

November 11, 2019


  • Monday Nov 4, 8am PST, we had the first Stake Wars call. 40 people jumped on the call, with most of them filled out genesis form ahead of time.
  • We used 0.4.4 version to launch new network, with new genesis created from the form.
  • It didn’t take too long for participants to observe issues with the network. People got stuck in different syncing state.
  • We also had total of 14 issues reported by 10 participants in repo that qualify for points. REMINDER: to qualify for points you need to actually submit issues to github for them to be triaged.
  • Also we are listening to your feedback about the process and aiming to improve it and clarify things that are unclear yet. If you have suggestions & questions – reach out on Discord.
  • We spent this week doing investigation and fixing issues.
  • It looks like some of you were not receiving welcome emails. This has been resolved.
  • We have released v0.4.5 with all of the updates and fixes. This is what we will use to run this week!


  • Node stuck in block sync
    • Major issue was due to node trying to fetch chunk only from the validator that produced it. If that validator went offline or for some reason didn’t respond, the node would get stuck in downloading.
    • Chunk management was fully refactored to address found issues.
  • Node stuck in state sync
    • If there is only one validator for a shard and they are offline, the validator for this shard in the next epoch cannot download state for the shard and therefore will get stuck. This should not be an issue if we have enough validators, but could be detrimental if the network does not start properly. Tracking issue:
  • Memory leaks
  • Collecting genesis has been confusing and error prone.
    • We built a custom form that validates data as you enter your account and keys.
    • Also this coming week we will not be using this yet and just start with a few validators controlled by us. You can join by signing up in and sending staking transaction.
  • On regular TestNet when there is a single validator, all nodes would be fetching data from it

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