Web3’s Leading Ladies: NEAR Foundation Honors 2023’s Women Changemakers 

NEAR Foundation
June 29, 2023

As Collision 2023 rolls on, NEAR Foundation announced the ten winners of the Women in Web3 Changemakers award. These exceptional women, chosen from a pool of 200 nominees worldwide, underline the significant contributions women can make throughout the Web3 ecosystem.

“These Changemakers show us that together we can make a positive difference and shape the collective good of Web3,” says Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation. “We must continue to help one another and nurture a strong, international community that includes both men and women.”

The Women in Web3 Changemakers competition illuminates the groundbreaking work of influential women in the Web3 space. As this platform appreciates the significant strides made by these remarkable women, it’s important to recognize the unique journeys of all ten winners, each of whom has contributed to the evolution of the blockchain industry.

Women behind the success of Web3 honored at Collision

Candidates for the Women in Web3 Changemakers award come from all corners of the globe, each making unique marks on the Web3 ecosystem in their own respective ways. Each of the following women made the final top ten because they’ve carved out a niche, advocated for transformative solutions, and been a part of breakthrough blockchain initiatives.

The full list of winners includes:

  • Emily Rose Dallara: Web3 Leadership Coach and Podcast Producer
  • Janine Grainger:  Co-founder and CEO, Easy Crypto AI
  • Bridget Greenwood: Founder, The Bigger Pie
  • Cathy Hackl: Chief Futurist and Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey
  • Erica Kang: Founder and CEO, KrptoSeoul
  • Irina Karagyaur: Founder and Director, BQ9
  • Veronica Korzh: Co-founder and CEO, Geekpay
  • Zoe Leavitt: Founder and CEO, Glass
  • Alana Podrx: Founder and CEO, Eve Wealth
  • Yaliwe Soko: Chair, United Africa Blockchain Association

Handpicked by public vote from a pool of hundreds of applications, these Changemakers were assessed on criteria of inclusion, influence, and innovation. Each woman demonstrated the ability to drive societal good, make a substantial impact in the Web3 community, and contribute to critical projects, uplifting the global female presence in the Web3 landscape.

“The Changemakers show that we can forge our own path into the ecosystem and create a collective narrative that has the power to break down barriers to entry and make Web3 more inclusive for everyone,” Flament continues. “I’m extremely honored to be championing this initiative and to spotlight these exceptionally talented women.”

The diverse journeys of Women in Web3 Changemakers

All ten winners of the Women in Web3 Changemakers awards come from a variety of backgrounds, geographies, and skill sets. Yaliwe Soko, for instance, is championing opportunities in Web3 to alleviate poverty and provide opportunities across Africa. Others like Cathy Hackle are icons in spheres like the metaverse.

Erica Kang, meanwhile, spearheads KryptoSeoul and was responsible for  BUIDL ASIA 2022 conference, attended by ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin and NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin. And through her organization The Bigger Pie, Bridget Greenwood is building an entire support ecosystem to advance both women and minorities in blockchain and crypto.

Another changemaker, Emily Rose Dallara, is a Web3 leadership coach and podcast producer, who uses a Holistic Growth Coaching method to help overwhelmed leaders thrive — without the burnout. Helping to make digital assets more accessible, Kiwi-born Janine Grainger is the co-founder and CEO of Easy Crypto, a simple and secure way for anyone to get involved in crypto. Irina Karagyaur, the founder and director of BQ9, is working to turn great ideas into even better Web3 products through her crypto-fintech boutique advisory firm. 

With Geekpay, co-founder and CEO Veronica Korzh is streamlining and securing digital payments without the stress and need for long wallet addresses. Zoe Leavitt, the founder and CEO of Glass, has set up shop in the loyalty space, allowing customers to level up their nights out by earning rewards from their favorite alcohol brands. And Alana Podrx, the founder and CEO of Eve Wealth, has created a community of women who share portfolios, co-invest, and support each other in self-guided wealth management through peer-to-peer learning. 

Celebrating the individual successes and collective efforts of these Changemakers reflects the massive impact and influence of women in Web3. From Africa to Asia, from the metaverse and marketing to crypto media and education, each winner has blazed her unique trail and is impacting the Web3 ecosystem, inspiring both men and women to do the same.

“I’m grateful for the hundreds of nominations we received from peers and employers who took the time to highlight the many achievements that the global female workforce has made to their organizations,” Flament continues. “By casting their ballot, the international community has shown that the contributions of women are being noticed.” 

By celebrating the contributions of these Changemakers, the NEAR Foundation underscores its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the Web3 space. As females in crypto continue to make strides, it’s vital to recognize and appreciate the efforts of women who are paving the way for an equitable and inclusive future in Web3 and beyond.

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