DeFi Reimagined

NEAR is reimagining DeFi to be faster, cheaper and more secure through the development of a sharded blockchain. Bringing an open alternative to the current financial system that transcends borders.

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Try DeFi on NEAR

Getting started with DeFi

NEAR’s mission is to make crypto and blockchain effortless to understand and use. In just a few clicks you’ll have your own NEAR wallet, your gateway to DeFi on NEAR. Once you’re up and running, check out the projects below to start your DeFi journey.

Create a NEAR Wallet

The NEAR Wallet is a non-custodial, web-based wallet for the NEAR blockchain. It takes just 30 seconds to set up your NEAR wallet.The wallet is now available to everyone! To get started, go to and click “Create Account”.

Ref brings together the core components of DeFi, namely, decentralized exchange (DEX), lending protocol, synthetic asset issuer, and so on, into a single, synchronous DeFi platform. Leveraging NEAR’s 1-2 second finality, low costs, as well as its user-friendly and interoperable infrastructure, Ref aims to bring DeFi one step closer to the people.


Meta Pool is a liquid staking protocol built on NEAR. People stake their NEAR tokens with Meta Pool using automatic staking strategies and receive “staked NEAR” tokens they can use in the DeFi NEARverse or they can be swapped any time back to original NEAR tokens to unstake.


Burrow is an interest rate market protocol built on #NEAR that will allow users to supply and borrow interest-bearing assets. Users can deposit stNEAR, earning ~11% interest per year, and then borrow against it.


Skyward is a fully permissionless open sourced launchpad that allows Projects to launch their tokens without any liquidity with the best price discovery mechanism that’s resistant to bots and sybil attacks.