Build on NEAR

The three major dimensions of NEAR’s infrastructure are PlatformEcosystem, and Applications. They help bootstrap, build, and expand users. Each is brimming with opportunity.

For instance, messaging and scheduling infrastructure are somewhat lacking in web3, but would revolutionize market sectors like the gig economy, giving more governance to contractors, while reducing costs to users.


Simple onboarding for both users and builders is key to NEAR’s continued success and reliability.


Increase user security and privacy with auditing tools, source-code validation, white hat initiatives, and VPN protocols.

For example: Orchid


Enhance dynamic sharding capabilities, innovate permissionless mechanisms, and create decentralized storage solutions.

For example: Machina

Account Modeling

Leverage different types of access keys to manage user and app permissions.

For example: My Near Wallet

Standards & Tools

Contribute to open source projects, and improve the developer experience. testing, and bootstrapping applications

For example: NEARup

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Community is at the heart of NEAR, and projects that empower users and builders support the health of the ecosystem so it can continue to thrive.

Enhance support for projects built on NEAR through building tooling and infrastructure, or offering advisory services, developer support, go-to-market initiatives, and new verticals.

For example: Pagoda


Rich experiences that enable users to control their assets, data, and governance are fundamental to NEAR’s mission and commitment to the open web.


Bring new value to decentralized banking by building financial tools anyone can use.

For example: Skyward


Create user-owned social graphs that help facilitate quality interaction and communication between users.

For example: Myriad Social

Creator Economy

Remove barriers between artists and audience allowing direct access and shared ownership of art.

For example: Endless FM


Engage users in fun, new ways through token economics and the Metaverse.

For example: NEARHub

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Need support to realize your idea?

Whether you’re building a new dApp, or moving your startup from another network, NEAR is ready to support you all the way to launch and beyond.

These resources are committed to bringing the best projects, builders, and creators to NEAR.


Offers a web3 startup platform, containing all the tools you need to build, launch, and grow your Web3 startup. 


Research and Development firm supporting projects building decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on NEAR and Aurora. Also gives out grants.

Open Web Sandbox (OWS)

Human-centric digital hub connecting communities and contributors through projects building on NEAR Protocol.

Ecosystem Success

NEAR Foundation has a team dedicated to Business Development. You’ll find some of the same resources that appear here as well as many others to help you with networking, growth, and marketing.

NEAR Foundation Grants

The NEAR Foundation manages a grants program that is open to everyone

VC Referral Request

Submit your project to be sent to investors across the NEAR ecosystem

Still confused?

Web3 can be a lot to wrap your head around at first. So, It’s totally normal if you feel lost, regardless of your experience level.