Office Hours

Hosted daily – join our engineers on Discord for live chat and voice support. Ask questions about developing on NEAR, or about the protocol itself.

Developer Office Hours

Ask questions about developing dApps or smart contracts on NEAR

18:00 – 19:00 UTC (11AM-12PM PST)

11:00 – 12:00 UTC (1PM-2PM CEST)

Other Ecosystem Office Hours

BuildDAO (Banyan) BOS
Daily (w/ DevHub on Wed)
15:00 UTC

NEAR Horizon
17:00 UTC

Chinese NEAR Developer (Lit Tech)
12:00 UTC

NEAR Korea Hub Developer Lounge

DevHub hosts Office Hours weekly Thursdays, where you can join and get help building dApps on NEAR’s protocol or BOS components. You can find us in #developer office hours on the NEAR Protocol Discord.

But DevHub isn’t the only group hosting Office Hours in our ecosystem — many other community and regional groups host their own office hours, either for specific interests or for non-English speakers. Check out the full list above!

All of us are passionate about NEAR and bringing decentralized technologies to the world. Bring your questions, ideas, and maybe a cup of joe and let’s chat!