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Deploy NFTs, Social Tokens, and messaging with ease.

Non-fungible Token (NFT)

Example implementations of tokens to represent unique assets, such as collectibles or deeds, using the NEP-4 spec (similar to ERC-721).

Guest Book

Sign in with NEAR and add a message to the guest book.

Counter (Rust)

Simple counter in Rust. Increment, decrement, and reset. See branches for extended usage.

Fungible Token (FT)

Example implementations of money like tokens, where one token is the same as any other, using the NEP-141 spec (similar to ERC-20).

Status Message

Set and retrieve status messages per account with this simple smart contract.

Counter (AssemblyScript)

Increment and decrement a counter with this simple smart contract via a web page.

Proof of Work Faucet

Proof of work faucet for near accounts to gain NEAR from a React app.

NEAR Wallet Integration

This example demonstrates how to integrate your application with NEAR Wallet.