Introducing the NEAR Poster Challenge

Hello, Lisbon residents and visitors! As part of NEARCON ‘22, we’re bringing you an exciting challenge to test your detective skills while helping you discover the city of Lisbon.

The Challenge:

  • Find one of our posters dotted around the city. Think shopping streets, bus stations, and so on…
  • Share the photo on Twitter (you and the poster must be in shot!) with the #NEARCON22Poster hashtag and your NEAR wallet (e.g. name.near).
  • Win 1 $NEAR!

Think you know Lisbon better than others?

  • There are 4 different colored posters…
  • If you can find all 4, share photos of all 4 in the same tweet, with the #NEARCON22Poster hashtag and your NEAR wallet (e.g. name.near).
  • Win 5 $NEAR!
  • We’ll also randomly select 5 entrants to win a free ticket for next year’s event


  • The submissions on Twitter are scanned for duplicates, so don’t bother copying someone else’s photos as your submission will not be eligible.
  • The campaign is running until September 14th. All eligible entries will receive their $NEAR within the next week.
  • Don’t have a NEAR wallet? Create one in under 30 seconds ->
  • And don’t forget to follow NEAR on Twitter

Why join the treasure hunt?

  • Learn about the NEAR wallet and ecosystem of apps.
  • Explore Lisbon in unexpected ways while getting your steps in (on Sweatcoin, if you have it).
  • Come on: when was the last time you went treasure hunting?