Are you ready for Pitch Fest?

NEARCON is a launchpad for the NEAR Ecosystem. At NEARCON, we will be hosting a pitch fest where 13 NEAR ecosystem projects will present to the community to showcase their development to date. We will be opening up participation from our backer network and NEAR community to vote and provide meaningful feedback to teams participating.

Get involved by heading to the Featured Stage on Sep 13 at 3:30pm or attend virtually via the NEARCON Livestream

SEP 13, 3:30-5:00 pm
Featured Stage at NEARCON

Can’t make it to NEARCON? View the Livestream

1st prize (nUSDC)


2nd prize (nUSDc)


3rd prize (nusdc)


How does Pitch Fest work?

13 Teams present

  • Founders will have 5 minutes to introduce their project/idea, demo their product, and/or provide an update on their recent development
  • To get familiar with the founders and projects prior to their presentations at NEARCON Pitch Fest,

2. You vote

  • After each presentation, our select judges of Paul Veradittakit (Pantera Capital), Maria Shen (Electric Capital) and Alex Agureev (DN Capital) will provide brief live feedback.
  • The rest of our attendees (live or virtual) will be able to vote and provide feedback to the teams based on the following criteria:
    • Product-fit
    • Team
    • Market-fit
    • Open/Misc feedback 
  • Voting and Feedback will be open for a week post-event to allow for community participation from those unable to attend live

3. Prizes (and feedback) are provided

  • The top 3 teams based on overall voting will receive a grant from NEAR Foundation
  • All teams that participated will have their community feedback relayed to support their continued development

The Projects

Connect 3

Connect3 is a social engagement layer of Web3 and a next-gen decentralized social networking platform for creators and users on the Open Web. By utilizing the advancing Web3 infra, we improve the user experience and resolve the issues of data ownership, creator monetization, and content distribution, which were not done well in the old days.


Lifetise is building the first Fintech Metaverse, bridging DeFi and TradFi. With over 40,000 users so far and funded by NEAR Foundation and Aave Grants.

A virtual life simulator where people can plan their lives and visualise how to afford all their goals (getting a new laptop or car, owning a home, starting a business, having children, taking a vacation, saving for retirement, etc).


OnMachina is a decentralized storage network that takes the best of web2 and web3.

OnMachina will feature nice and easy, developer friendly API on 100% Open Source Protocol. Compared to other existing solutions, we will have predictable pricing model, paid in stable-coins while having sustainable token economics to incentivise everlasting participation rather than just a first-comers advantage.


Odyssey is building a next-level product that delivers the golden metric when monitoring crypto positions: ROI.


AMMs and Money markets today are replicating a broken financial system instead of creating the future of finance. They distribute tokens to create an incentive to lock up liquidity. This is not very different than our current broken global economic model. The government distributes money to incentivise people to spend and help the economy, but there is one big problem with this rational.

Play Ember

PlayEmber are building the Mobile Gaming infrastructure to onboard the next wave of web2 gamers to web3. Starting with a Unity to NEAR mobile based SDK, PlayEmber are beta test launching to 7 Million Active Downloads in Q4. Targeting mass market users – the sign up is incredibly simple and rewards based meta created to make mobile games more fun for all.

Play. Create. Own. PlayEmber!

Solace Finance

Solace is an insurance protocol that introduced the first systemic solution fore DAOs, DApps and protocols covering against the most common hacks and exploits. Solace also provides portfolio coverage policies to asset managers protecting deposits across 220+ protocols and 4 chains against smart contract vulnerabilities, all with a single personalized policy that dynamically adjusts to the policyholders risk exposures.


Veridise is built on top of LLVM, an open source compiler toolchain, enabling it to be easily extended to multiple blockchains and programming languages. It currently supports multiple languages on top of both Ethereum and NEAR, with more being added by Veridise as we speak! 


KINO is the soon-to-launch web3 marketplace to invest, collect, and experience film & television like never before. Through smart blockchain technology, KINO introduces a new economic model to Hollywood that protects the rights of film/tv artists and gives everyone a front-row seat to the filmmaking process. Founded by an Executive Producer who has sold shows with Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, and a 3x Tech Founder whose last web3 startup reached over 500k holders and $500m market cap.


Wombi is a user analytics and acquisition platform for web3.

Wombi helps dapps optimize marketing spending, measure traction, analyze the competitive landscape, and find more high-quality users on-chain.


Niche is new ecosystem for decentralized social networks. We create Members-
only clubs around shared interests and identity. Each club membership is represented by a unique NFT that is stored in the member’s Niche wallet. Connecting people across interests allows for more relevant content, a more engaged community and richer, deeper connections between members.

Cornerstone DAO

Cornerstone is an infrastructure layer that functions as both an ecosystem index fund and a metagovernance hub of NEAR and Aurora. It accrues mainstream assets, such as NEAR, Aurora and USN, as well as the governance tokens of top Dapp protocols in its treasury. Cornerstone enables its users to govern and capture value across the entire ecosystem with just one token, $CORN, simplifying the onchain experience for users.


Acurast is the steppingstone to unleash the next wave of Web3 innovation by bringing the
real world to the Web3 world.
Web3’s problem is access to verifiable, interoperable, and accessible off-chain data.
Acurast solves this by providing an infrastructure with a multi-chain first approach through
its native interoperability layer. Developers gain access to a single abstraction layer that
fulfils their off-chain data needs for NEAR and other ecosystems they develop for.