Use Cases


A new way to organize, fund, and empower communities that is democratic by default.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are smart contracts for group coordination. Each vote is verified by the blockchain, and funds are distributed based on voting decisions. They’re like companies but have several advantages. DAOs are quick to set up, borderless, and transparent.

Democratic by Default

Decisions like distributing funds, and adding members happen through an intuitive and transparent voting process.

Shared Treasury

Funds are held in a treasury and are always distributed through a community-defined process.

Flexible Governance

Who votes and how it works can be precisely configured to meet a community’s preferred operating style.

DAOs are a new tool for collaboration. Members own the organization and receive rewards in proportion to their contributions. There are no bosses and no hierarchy. Instead a common purpose unites the participants. 

Sputnik DAO is a way for organizations around the world to represent membership, make decisions, and interact with other DAOs. Sputnik has launched over 100 DAOs since February 2021, with over $1M in funding in treasuries and awarded to DAO participants. See stats here.

Thinking about starting a DAO? They come in all shapes and sizes. From flat to hierarchical, from open to anyone to members-only, you get to decide how you want to govern your community.

Communities of all kinds are using DAOs on NEAR


Vote and collectively decide what people and projects to fund.


Keep track of owners’ equity and elect managers to make day-to-day decisions.


Pool funds and vote on strategy and transactions.


Align on shared initiatives and reward participation.

Individuals can join a Guild to earn engagement-based rewards powered by DAOs. Geography and goal based guild communities are building and supporting the NEAR ecosystem. They host workshops, hacks, publish infographics, and onboard new folks to web3. Find your place in the web3 movement!