User Onboarding Showcase

Easy non-custodial onboarding for new users to web3

1. Open the invite link

Sorry, this showcase is no longer active!

2. Create your account

This uses a web wallet to create your non-custodial account

Start by clicking “Claim with New Account”
Choose a name for your account
Safely store the 12 words (recovery phrase)
… done! You received some $NEAR and an NFT!

3. Check out your POAP

You can see you Proof-of-Attendance NFT in your web wallet

Wait a few minutes, then click on the tab “Collectibles”

What next?

Now you are ready to explore the NEAR ecosystem!

Set-up on desktop

Use the 12 words to import your account to your desktop

Choose wallet for your desktop
Explore dApps

Check out the list of dApps on AwesomeNEAR